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1. What is the span of an area as it relates to bar grating dimensions?
The span is the distance between two points of grating support and is actually referred to as the length of the grating. This is also the direction of the bearing bars.

2. What is pressure locked grating?
Pressure-locked means bearing bars are locked in position by cross bar deformation instead of welding or riveted.

3. Does the band at the end of a grating panel help support the load?
Trim band carries no load and is used to improve the appearance of the product. Welding is done every 5" at the end of the panel. Banding can in fact help carry the load if welded at every bearing bar and is especially recommended for heavy duty grating.

4. How is the length and width of an area determined when quoting bar grating?
The length is the actual span of the opening (this is the direction of the bearing bars) and is multiplied by the lineal feet or "run" of the opening to calculate the overall square footage.

5. Does a shop coat of black paint protect bar grating from rusting?
Steel grating dipped in black paint only protects the product against rusting during shipping and installation. A galvanized process is required to permanently protect the grating during its life cycle.

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